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Download:”The Modern School of Al-Madinah” PDF طريقة-جديدة-مكتبة-المدينة-4

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“The Modern School of Al-Madinah” discloses a motivating story of change in the realm of schooling. Composed by No, Ibn Abi Shih, this book sets out on an excursion through the development and development of the Al-Madinah school, featuring its job as a signal of contemporary instruction. In this survey, we’ll dive into the book’s investigation of the school’s set of experiences, esteems, and its vision for what’s to come.

Chapter 1: Foundations of Learning

The book probably starts by describing the beginning of the Al-Madinah school, revealing insight into its establishing standards and the vision of its trailblazers. It might talk about the difficulties they confronted and the desires that powered their obligation to giving quality schooling.

Chapter 2: Educational program and Teaching method

Perusers are acquainted with the school’s novel educational program and instructive methodologies. This part might investigate the combination of current instructive procedures, innovation, and creative instructing techniques that put the school aside in the domain of training.

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