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7-Qadeem Ishq” by Shahida Latif

7-Qadeem Ishq” by Shahida Latif

7-Qadeem Ishq” by Shahida Latif is a scholarly pearl that transports perusers into an existence where love rises above reality. This impactful assortment of verse and writing investigates the persevering through topic of adoration from the perspective of history, culture, and human feelings. In this survey, we will dive into the pith of this momentous work and its depiction of affection as an immortal power.

Chapter 1: The Power of Ancient Love

“7-Qadeem Ishq” takes perusers on an excursion through history, returning to seven immortal stories of affection that have influenced human civilization. From the unbelievable love of Layla and Majnun to the heartfelt persona of Heer and Ranjha, these accounts advise us that affection is a power that has intrigued and enlivened ages across societies and periods.

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